About Greg Muzzillo

After graduating from Baldwin-Wallace College, Greg Muzzillo, founded his first company, Proforma, with only $200. In 1985, he shook hands with President Ronald Reagan during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden honoring the winners of that year’s U.S. Small Business of the Year award. Proforma was still fairly small then, but Mr. Muzzillo managed to impress one client so much with his company’s services that the client would not rest until Proforma received the public acknowledgement it deserved.

Proforma may have started small, but Greg Muzzillo had big plans. Just one year after receiving the honor from the President, he changed the fundamental structure of the business. The company became a franchise model business and grew rapidly after this shift. Through this format, Proforma enabled its franchise owners to own their businesses while providing them with vital administrative, business development, and marketing assistance.

At present, Greg Muzzillo’s Proforma stands as the largest distributor in the ad-specialties industry, according to Promo Marketing magazine. One of the latest innovations from the company comes in the form of a revolutionary new method for generating sales leads for its distributors. Dubbed the Simplified Selling System, the program involves high-quality training and education as well as a cutting-edge automated marketing program. The system improves the overall value of the sales leads the businesses receive as well as increases the conversion percentages of these prospective clients.